Sunday, May 10, 2015


Hi Mr memories . How are u doing? Its been a while right? Idk why but tonight i keep remembering  you,i cant sleep. How can someone forget about their first love right? You came to me when im unaware im not ready but we're doing quite well together. I've never been so happy than be with you. And i wanna thanked you for that.The fact that i miss us lingering in me is weird yet i miss it so much. We are human being so we make mistakes right?  But i keep on remembering  the good memories i had with you maybe because thats all we've been through theres less drama back then and thts makes us happy . Thats okay. At least when we looked back we know that we've loved. I just miss you tonight and i dont know why. i hope youre doing fine,happy and grow up well. As long as you are happy thats enough. take care alright . Goodnight