Friday, July 24, 2015

If you

Last evening. we've met. We even sit together. Wow its been awhile. You've grow up well and became so fine and handsome. Im a fool for not talking. Didn't have the guts to even ask how you've been doing even im dying to talk to you. Im a hopeless shy girl infront of you and thts undeniable. Im silently sitting beside you with blank face. My heart beating so fast. I thought it will explode. I cant hide this feelings.If its not too late. Can't we go back together? If you are struggling like i am. Can't we make things a little easier? I should've treated you better when i have you. How about you?Are you really fine? I guess you are. You look fine. When i looked back we have such a great time together. Its such a childish one im unaware of it. I should forget you but it ain't easy. I miss you even more today after we met. Why? Why now? I guess God must had answered my prayers of how much i miss you and how much i would love to meet you one day again after we grow up.Then,you are leaving and i cant do anything. Just like tht. Love is leaving. Like a blankly standing there. Look at you, getting father away. Became a small dot then dissappear. Why it has to be now? Will this go away after time?I remember the old times.I remember you.